14. December 2006

BS have so many new songs! I guess you will hear them all within next year.
Since it soon will be Christmas, we thought you deserved a little christmas gift. A little song that should bring you to thinking for a few minutes. It's about loss. And trying to find a way. Back to life. And to be reminded about it. The recording has caught this nerve, and we believe it deserves to be listened to. It's called Iron Shadows. You can listen and download the song from this site. We wish you a nice and silent Christmas.

Be warm and safe. (unless you like being cold and risky…)

23. October 2006

On Saturday we had a magical evening. First a nice warm-up at the Fredrikshald Theatre in Halden where we supported a consert to the benefit of Medecins Sans Frontiers. Then at last it was time for the evening's main event - the Gleng concert. Lars-Roar took some magnificent pictures (again), and you can see them all here. And look at the brilliant poster an the right side! Made by Ravish, living in North Carolina, US. If you understand Norwegian, you can read a review of the Gleng gig here.

20. September 2006

Added some pictures here! Taken by the excellent photographer Lars-Roar. Lars-Roar also made our excellent gig poster... Thanks!

12. September 2006

bristol songs are playing at Glenghuset in Sarpsborg 21. October 22.00. (Tickets 100,-) We really hope to see you there!

10. July 2006

bristol songs - reasons is now available through CDBaby.com.
If you have the CD? We need you to write a nice review...

28. June 2006

Two new songs! First we have the Red House Painters cover mistress. And then we have a new live performance of a new song called friend. This is what the three of us will sound like if you come to one of our shows. You can listen and download both songs here.

1. June 2006

Do you like fall like flies? bs has participated in a huge contest. Who will win the catwalk music contest? Read about the contest here! If you really like fall like flies, I mean, REALLY!, you can listen to an 18 minutes long remix here.

31. May 2006

bristol songs has grown! We are now 3 musicians in addition to our eminent text writer Grethe. As earlier mentioned, the number one bass player in Sarpsborg, Thomas Andresen has joined us. Espen Langbråten will fill in on my guitar and vocal. We are preparing the second gig for bristol songs. And we promise to keep you posted...

31. March 2006

If you live in Norway, and don't like PayPal, but still want to buy a CD. Please send an e-mail to info@bristolsongs.com. We have thought of a very convenient way of payment for our Norwegians friends!

18. March 2006

We have put out a few pictures from the concert in Fredrikstad. Now we're planning the next gig in Sarpsborg. We will keep you informed. PS.Thanks to all of you that have bought the cd so far.

23. February 2006

Today, we got our first review! You can read the article and review here (in Norwegian).
You can also buy the CD in Platebutikken (Ulf Roppestad) in Sarpsborg.

8. February 2006

Buy the first bristol songs CD online.

Go to CDBaby.com!

26. January 2006

Hi all.
We are preparing our first gig. We will play in Fredrikstad, Norway the 24th of February. It will be a closed party, but if you're interested, and live nearby, send us an e-mail to info@bristolsongs.com, maybe we'll send you an invitation?
I'm sure there will be more gigs in near future? Stay tuned.
The first bristol songs cd will be named reasons, and will soon be available.
We will keep you informed.

12. January 2006

Happy New Year. After a long week in the big Plastic City in the desert across the Big Lake I'm feeling hit by a train. But the sun shone high in the sky, and made me warm. Please let Spring come to Norway in February?
I just wanted to say that you can find some bristol songs stuff on: www.myspace.com/bristolsongs
If you get your own space, be our friend, and you can read our blog.
bristol songs have done some vocal work on a Sonograph song.
You will soon be able to listen...

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