5. December 2005

Dear bristol songs Friend. I am surrounded by rain, cold and darkness. No wonder my music is so sad and melancholic?

We have two more songs that hopefully will lift you and carry you away from the darkness a few minutes; true and fall like flies. Again, as almost always, Grethe wrote the lyrics. (If you haven't figured it out, you can read the lyrics by clicking the song title in the songs page.) Thanks again Grethe. (You are of course 34.33% of bristol songs!)

I guess there won't be more songs this year, but we promise New Songs for the New Year. Thanks again for stopping by. Be safe and warm. Unless you like being cold and risky?

Take care, Olav.

8. November 2005

Thanks for stopping by...

Now two more songs are ready. Did you miss the drums on the first bristol songs too? Like Marianne? Then this song's for you as well.

The next one is reasons. We have probably made something like 10 productions, and who knows how many recordings. This was the first song we made, and it will probably never be ready.

(And finally: W and D, thanks for all your feedback.)

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