The hours slip to morning
Upside down I dreamt
We're all afraid and moaning
Of his foolhardy attempt
Go back to where they loathe him
Tried to kill him and to stone him
Saw the morning take the sun
But I will not hide nor run
Stay here, stay here, don't go.

Stormy clouds are building
I'm alone again
I hear the others pleading
Saying they're committed men
How they fear their unknown fate
Will protect hm from black hate
How come it upsets me so
We should go if he says go.
Please stay, please stay, stay here.
Stay here, stay here, don't go.

He is directing our steps and guiding our way
So who are we – to try and convince him to stay?

My choice was once to follow
Trade my feet for wings
My words like poison arrow:
If we die, we'll die with him
Let's make this trip together
Lead us safe through stormy weather
Without him there is no life
Only bitterness and strife
Stay here, stay here, don't go.
Stay here, stay here, don't go.

Words by Grethe Årum

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