Bilde Topp

they say

They say: Don't give up on hope so easy
They say: Don't expect our sympathy
It's up to you now
We can only show you how

They say: We'll provide the tools for you
They say: I've got a big job to do
But I have chaos installed
Not sure I am willing to be called

They say: It is worth giving so much more
They say: I've a life worth fighting for
They know how to master fear
But they know nothing of my despair

They say: They'll help me re-write my life
They say: I must be willing to fight
What's the point – keep on trying
I feel slowly my heart is dying

They say: Don't give up on hope do easy
They say: Future is not imagery
OK, I will let them guide me
I won't give up on hope so easy

Words by Grethe Årum

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