bristol songs

bristol songs play Nordic melancholy music. We are located in Sarpsborg, Norway. Olav makes the songs, plays the guitar and sings. Grethe writes the lyrics. Espen plays another guitar and Thomas plays the bass. Frederik plays the piano and percussion. The goal? To make you curious, make you listen and download or maybe even buy our CD...

14. January 2013

bristol songs will play at Glenghuset the 8th of February at 10PM.
Doors open 8PM.

18. January 2008

We are proud to announce that Karianne Arntzen Band will join our gig the 1st of March at Glenghuset.

1. January 2008

Happy New Year!
We will play at Siste Reis in Halden the 12th of January. The show will start early! (18:00 cc. 100,-)

3. November 2007

Have you seen the blue light at Røros?
Marthe took this amazing picture:

Here you will find a song about that tree. It's called someday.

16. October 2007

Thanks to all of you listened in London and Bristol. We had such a good time. Our Norwegian friends can read about the trip here.
Maybe we'll see you the 16th of November? Then we will play at "Kroa" in Halden.
bristol songs at "Kroa" the 16th of November 9PM.
Another thing. You should highlight the 1st of March next year in your calendar. We will then again enter the absolute best stage in Norway, in other words:
bristol songs at Glenghuset the 1st of March 10PM.

23. August 2007

Are you going to UK the first week of October too?
bristol songs are!
We will play at the Troubadour the 3rd of October. This is the legendary club which Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon all played in, in the 60s.
The next day, Thursday the 4th, we will play a gig at Finnegans Wake (Ealing).
On Friday the 5th we will go to Bristol, and play at Mr. Wolfs.

7. June 2007

Someone wrote a review of our CD - Reasons (at CDbaby). And it made us superhappy:

A grand room of sound
I stumbled upon bristol songs per accident and in a kind of half sleep, long after midnight listening to new cds at CD baby and there they were - bristol songs - music filling my headphones, making me sit upright, smiling like an idiot. They are smooth, they are full of poetry and the lyrics are first class. Just listen to them. Just listen.

24. May 2007

Two new songs on Urørt.
If you're on facebook, you should join our bristol songs group!

13. April 2007

We all had a wonderful evening on Saturday.
Thanks for coming, and we really hope you enjoyed the show. Will soon get some pictures from the gig up on this site. Maybe even some music... or even a video? You can read a review of the gig (in Norwegian) from Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad. Don't forget our next gig in Oslo the 10th of May.

31. March 2007

Don't forget our gig next Saturday at Glenghuset in Sarpsborg.
Bakken made the excellent picture above. He will be documenting the consert at Glenghuset, and we look forward to present the result here at this website.
Our next gig will be at Skuret in Oslo the 10th of May 2100. Hope to see you there.
We all wish you a Happy Easter!

15. March 2007

We are proud to announce the bristol songs uk-tour 07!
The first gig is now settled, and we will be playing at Mr. Wolfs in Bristol (of course) at Friday the 5th of October. Look forward to meet all our bristol friends there. More dates will come very soon.

6. March 2007

Welcome to our new bristol songs site. We're most proud to present to you the new design, created by our good friend Hanne Rødsethol.
Feel free to click around, and enjoy!
(If you miss our online music player, you should go to our MySpace page.)

Like we have already announced, our next gig will be on Holy Saturday 7th of April, at Glenghuset in Sarpsborg. Make sure to be there early, as Espen will warm you up with his beautiful songs in a brilliant solo performance at around 21:07.

We're really working our nice firm bottocks off in order to book more gigs. We'd like to play more, also outside of Sarpsborg. If you know anyone you can talk to, please remember to mention us. Or maybe you know of a suitable place? Please send an e-mail to Espen.

New songs are constantly being made, and we're especially proud of this new one, called Pearl. We'll leave you with the first verse of the song. And again, as always, written by Grethe.


When I was little
I was delighting in a kingdom
Given strength to do it all
My life was brittle
I didn't know about the quest - 'bout my childhood's call
And I was scared
Torn - how would I dare?
To be left alone
My father's throne
A fond farewell
I know their voice
guide me well

28. January 2007

A new year. And it starts with traditional winter darkness.
We could really use something to look forward to.
Like the next bs gig for instance?

7th of April at Glenghuset. For those of you who where there, just to remind you. Or to those of you who wish they were there, but couldn't make it - here's a tiny part of the nice review of the concert:

" Already from the first touch of the guitar strings, the band put the level of performance for the evening in it's right place. From the dark stage, beautiful, relaxing tones floated through the room, and immediately caught the audience attention. Silently the band members found their places, and Arntzen's voice filled the hall. It was almost like the audience was spellbound. By the melodic songs. And by Arntzen's strong, but soar voice."

A new band member has also joined us. Frederik Bjørnstad will play piano and percussion. We look forward to meet you all again. When spring has reach us for real. I'll leave a picture to show you how very few hours the sun chose to visit us on Christmas Eve last year.

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